1 Month to Go!

I'm a fail-bride because the big one month mark came and went last week without so much as a peep from me!

So here we go with my very last monthly update...

Past Month Goals:

1) Decide how I want my makeup to look and purchase anything I need for that. Semi-check. I bought false eyelashes earlier in the month and tested them out. As for the rest of my makeup, I realized that I don't really care all that much. I have my hair and makeup trial on Sunday, and I'm going to ask for something "natural with some oomph". I think we'll figure it out just fine.

2) Schedule dance lessons. Check! We used a groupon I had purchased for 80% off 2 private dance lessons at our local Arthur Murray Dance Studio. We learned some basic moves like the box step, some swing, and how to incorporate turns and spins. We have another lesson scheduled for Wednesday, but if we continue, we have to pay $350, and attend 4 more times. We haven't decided if we're going to proceed or not.

3) Print menus and reception timelines. A big fat X for this one. I was going to do it, but then I found out I had to have the menus approved by our reception venue. After they were ok-ed, I just got lazy.

4) Print table numbers. Check! Ryan found a deal on Shutterfly for 50 free photos, so we turned my table number design into matte photos, which will be placed in Tolsby frames.

5) Frame family wedding photos. Check! Ryan and I took advantage of a frame sale at Michael's to pick up six 8"x10" silver frames to display wedding photo of our parents and grandparents.

Ryan's maternal grandparents

6) Create activity books for the kids. Check! I just finished this yesterday. We don't have a lot of kids, so I only had to print 6. We did them on our home printer, I used a 3-hole punch, and tied the pages together with leftover bakers twine.

Making this list each month has really helped me feel productive. It's so nice to look at a solid list of all the things you've gotten done, instead of focusing on all the things still left to do.

Other Accomplishments:
  • I added wooden handles to the back of my chalkboard speech bubbles (which I don't think I showed you... they are props for our photo booth).
  • I started writing my vows. I feel like they are suuuper long, though.
  • I numbered all the cards for our wine box.
  • We picked the songs for our reception. The entire bridal party will enter to "Marry You" by Bruno Mars (looovvvee this song), and our dance with our Father and Mother will be to "Hold My Hand" by Hootie and the Blowfish (we will all dance at the same time).
  • I bought some cute gifts for our readers and our soloist (but some of them read this blog, so that will remain a mystery for now).
  • We booked a trip for our honeymoon. We will be ziplining and riding 4-wheelers while in Mexico.
  • We tracked down every single guest who hadn't RSVPed. Thank goodness I'm only getting married once!
Every little item that I get to mark off our master To Do list gives me endless joy.

Goals for the Upcoming (and final) Month:
  • Print menus, timelines, programs, and miscellaneous signage.
  • Create OOT bags (this is mostly my mom's project, but I'm helping out).
  • Send a day-of timeline to all our important guests and the vendors.
  • Finalize seating at the reception and create our seating chart.
  • Get our marriage license.
  • Buy gifts for the flower girls.
  • Buy stuff to fill the bathroom baskets.
  • Pack for our honeymoon!
... that, plus a bunch of tiny little things I wouldn't dare bore you with here. Our motto for this last month is basically just "confirm, follow up, pay".

It's finally starting to hit me just how close this is. Ryan and I are heading to Illinois this weekend for the final time before the wedding. We'll meet with our reception venue to finalize the details, I'll have my final dress fitting, we'll meet with our DJ, and I'll have my hair and makeup trial. I promise to post photos next week!


L {first came love} said...

How exciting 1 more month!! Glad you were able to track down all your RSVPs I think we eventually gave up.

Kamie said...

Looks like you are crossing things off your list left and right! I love your chalkboard props and your table number idea!!

Laura @ Wine and Cheese, Please said...

Yay, you're so close!! Good job being so organized, it will help you out a lot the week of the wedding :)

Ms. Lemon Puppy said...

I am impressed by your productivity! I love your last month motto. Totally words to live by!

Anonymous said...

yay! You are so close! I would be going crazy right now!

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