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I knew I wanted to wear fake eyelashes on our wedding day. They look great in photos. But I also knew that the thought of applying them was scary, and the possibility of them falling off and looking dumb was pretty significant.

So I did a test run yesterday.

First, I watched a you tube video that explained it in great detail.

So I bought eyelashes, cut them to fit my eye, applied the glue, let it dry (for about 45 seconds), then slapped those suckers on.

And, voila (click to enlarge)...

Verdict: They held up for a 9 hour day at work, which included an hour-long video shoot outside in 20 mph winds with my eyelashes shoved in an eyepiece. No one noticed the lashes without me telling them (Ryan and two of my coworkers). In my opinion, that's a plus. I didn't want to look ridiculous. I'm not a super "makeup-y" type of girl, so something that looks natural is more my style. I though they looked good. They added a touch of length and drama without being too much.

In case you're interested, I bought mine online. I went with the Model 21 False Eyelashes No. 24T and a tube of their dark lash adhesive. It cost $13.10 (there are 10 pairs of reusable eyelashes in the box), and arrived in about a week.

I feel much more confident now that I've tried them out. I might even break them out for my Bachelorette Party next weekend!

Are you wearing fake eyelashes for your wedding day? And do they terrify you as much as they did me?!

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Look good!


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