One Month Down

... only about a bazillion more to go.

Yesterday marked one month from our wedding day. The time has just flown. We went on our honeymoon, I told my work that I want to go part-time, and we bought a house!

We're homeowners!

Wedding-related, I got about 99% of my thank you cards done and put in the mail, I sold a bunch of items, and I harassed my photographer and videographer via email to show me something already!

That's right... one month down, and we haven't seen A. SINGLE. PHOTO.

... I can hear you gasping into your computer screen.

Well, patience is a virtue (or so they say), and I'm trying hard to practice it. But it's really difficult when you have dreams that you receive your photos, then wake up to realize it was just a dream. Then you can't fall back asleep until you run downstairs and check your email like a crusty-eyed, sleep-deprived lunatic. Yeah, that's me.

So, stay tuned. I'm hoping to have something to look at by the end of this week (fingers crossed!).


Photo Booth Fun

Our photo booth was a fantastic idea. Even my mom, who was unsure about it originally, came around in the end to how awesome it was.

Our family and friends (mostly our friends) made good use out of the booth. Here is a small sampling of my favorite photos from the night (click any photo to enlarge)...

My friend Rachel got stabbed in the eye...

Moustaches as unibrows...

When we first wanted to get a photo booth, my mom said, "all your friends are going to just go in there are take pictures with their tongues sticking out!". Yes... yes, they did. But so did my Dad...


Ryan with two of his best friends. Their sign says "Kelly, we're jealous!"...

Photo bomb!...

My MOH disproves that old adage about picking your friend's nose...

 A little girl-on-girl action...

The photo booth had a capacity of 10 people. We sure showed them...

Overall, I'm soooo glad we did this. It gave the non-dancers something to do, and it has given me hours of entertainment looking through the photos while I wait (im)patiently for our professional pics.

Next up... last minute DIY projects, and the rehearsal.


Post-Wedding Chop

Today, I got the much-talked-about post-wedding chop.

Before (I'm in the middle)...


It's not drastic, but it feels so much lighter. I don't think I had my hair cut in over a year. And the bangs are new. I haven't had bangs since college. Hopefully I don't get sick of them too quickly!

Still waiting on pro pics. We should have our short video this week, though. Yay!


We're Married!


I know I haven't posted in WEEKS upon WEEKS upon WEEKS, but we've been sooo busy with final wedding stuff and house-hunting and our real-life jobs (I photographed my first wedding a mere WEEK before our own wedding. Insanity.)

But Ryan and I got MARRIED last weekend! It was totally amazing and the most perfect day (although, I thought I was going to puke moments before walking down the aisle... more on that later).

We just got back from our fabulously luxurious honeymoon in Cancun, so I'm exhausted and have a LOT of unpacking to do. More photos and details will come in the weeks to come. Hopefully we'll get some photos from our photographer soon.

But until then, here's the proof that the wedding actually occurred via a few of my favorite Facebook photos...

Maggie and I prepare for the big day. My hair hung out in curlers for HOURS.

We're married! Walking back down the aisle as husband and wife.

Enjoying our amazing reception and the delicious food.

Dancing with my Dad to Hootie and the Blowfish's "Hold My Hand".

Our photo booth was a GREAT idea. It was packed ALL night!

I can't wait to tell you all about it. Stay tuned!
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