The Proposal

AKA: Where the "IKEA" in "The IKEA Bride" came from.

I once told Ryan there was no way he could surprise me with an engagement... "I would just know" I said.
Ryan obviously took that as a challenge, because he proposed in the middle of a shopping trip to IKEA.

I was looking at some storage containers when Ryan called for me to come see something. When I rounded the corner, Ryan was on one knee holding out a ring. He said, "Kelly, will you marry me?"

A simple question with a simple answer... except that I seriously thought it was a joke. "Are you kidding?" I asked, started blankly at him. After all, I didn't expect a proposal any time soon... much less one in the middle of IKEA!

After much convincing, I accepted the ring, put it on my finger, and warned, "this is your last chance to back out if this is a joke."

We returned to my parents' house and broke the good news to my mom. Ryan's parents found out via webcam that evening.

You can read the full story here.
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