We Must Be Crazy

Saturday marks the two-week point, and the majority of our wedding stuff is done...
  • I sent out a personalized timeline this afternoon to everyone involved in our wedding.
  • I wrote all the names on our seating chart chalkboards last night.

(not ours)

  • My parents sent in the final check for our reception.
  • And I wrapped up my bridesmaid gifts and wrote them all letters.
So now I feel a little restless. Like, I need to be doing something! I've been so busy the past few months that this down-time feels weird.

But Ryan came up with the perfect solution to my idle hands...

House Hunting!

We must be crazy.

We met with our bank on Friday and got pre-approved. Then we met with a realtor yesterday to discuss what we're looking for. And on Saturday, we'll spend all day looking at houses, trying to find "the one".

Ryan and I are very decisive about what we don't like... so this process could either drag on for months... or we could find a place our very first day.


Last Weekend Home

Hey bloggerland friends!

This weekend, Ryan and I went back to Illinois for the final time before the wedding. We met with our reception venue (pretty uneventful), I had a dress fitting, I had my hair and makeup trial, and we met with our DJ.

I can't post photos from the dress fitting, but it went pretty well. The lady who actually runs the company was out of town for a funeral, so her sister was taking over for the time being. They had taken the dress in by 4 inches, so it fit much better. The bottom was cut, but not yet hemmed. And she was plotting out the bustle. Hopefully it will all be wonderfully taken care of by the time I pick it up (the Thursday before our wedding).

Now onto the hair and makeup trial! It went great. Here are the inspiration photos I sent my hairstylist...

Here is what she came up with...

I love it. After wearing it for a few hours, I think it need to be brought up off my neck a little bit. The bobby pins were sticking me in the neck, and I was afraid to tilt my head back in fear of ruining my 'do.

As for makeup, I didn't give her much direction. I said I just wanted something that wasn't too over-the-top. First, here's a photo reminder of what I look like on a daily basis...

Here is what I ended up with...

Here's with the fake eyelashes...

And 4 hours later in natural light...

I'm pleased with my makeup. I don't wear a lot of makeup usually (just coverup, powder, eyeliner, and mascara)... so it took some time to get used to the color, but I think it's perfect for our wedding day. Ryan saw it and said I looked pretty. Awwww.

With the last visit out of the way, all that's left now is tiny details and 20 days of waiting.
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