We Must Be Crazy

Saturday marks the two-week point, and the majority of our wedding stuff is done...
  • I sent out a personalized timeline this afternoon to everyone involved in our wedding.
  • I wrote all the names on our seating chart chalkboards last night.

(not ours)

  • My parents sent in the final check for our reception.
  • And I wrapped up my bridesmaid gifts and wrote them all letters.
So now I feel a little restless. Like, I need to be doing something! I've been so busy the past few months that this down-time feels weird.

But Ryan came up with the perfect solution to my idle hands...

House Hunting!

We must be crazy.

We met with our bank on Friday and got pre-approved. Then we met with a realtor yesterday to discuss what we're looking for. And on Saturday, we'll spend all day looking at houses, trying to find "the one".

Ryan and I are very decisive about what we don't like... so this process could either drag on for months... or we could find a place our very first day.


Ms. Lemon Puppy said...

Oooooh good luck! House hunting is fun.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! House hunting so close to the wedding!? You must be crazy!

Wells L said...

Do you know Kimberly from healthystrides? She just went through the house hunting process - are you staying in FW? She might have some good recently learned life lessons.
I know that feeling when you've been attending to the millionth detail and suddenly - stillness, there is a short moment when the projects are done and before the day/hours before to do list begin.

Thinking of you!

Saying I do said...

wow! lots happening, but you sound SO ON TOP of thing, good for you! Good luck house hunting :)

Susan Amestoy said...

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Take care and...congratulations!

Michelle said...

Congratulations! I am checking in after not blogging regularly for a while and see this site, yay! And you're doing so awesome on your fitness part too. Way to go and have a blast on that wedding day!! Wait, just realized that's today. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Wells L said...

Been thinking of you and hoping your wedding went off without a hitch (ha! funny PUN!) Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

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