The Beginning

Isn't starting a blog the first step every girl takes after getting engaged?

In my case, yes.

I'm no stranger to the blogging community (see my triathlon blog: This is a Horrible Idea). So when the "big event" occurred, starting a blog was definitely something that crossed my mind more than once.

So here I am. I'm ready to share. I'm ready to post pictures until your eyes bleed. I'm ready to let you laugh at me. And hopefully, at some point, I'll inspire someone (but, let's be honest... it's doubtful).

As for the introductions, here I am with my fiance, Ryan, moments after he popped the question...

I ought to kill him. If you study the photo closely, you'll see there are towels behind us. Yes, towels.

Why? Because Ryan proposed in (you guessed it) IKEA.

We were mid shopping trip, filling up our cart with goodies for our new house (not a house... a duplex, and not ours... a rental), when I turned a corner and there he was... down on one adorable knee, holding a ring out in front of him.

This ring...

"Kelly, will you marry me?" Simple and direct.

Yet, I froze...

...Then, I giggled a little.

My face turned red. "Is this a joke?" was my first response.

Probably not the best thing to say when your boyfriend is kneeling in the middle of IKEA holding a diamond ring, but I just didn't believe him.

That's right, I thought it was a joke. I thought maybe he had found someone's ring on the floor, picked it up, and playfully proposed. Because, come on, who in their right mind proposes in IKEA?! To a girl that hasn't showered, much less (oh yes my friends, I was unshowered for his proposal... that's the classy way to do it).

After much humming and hawing and quite a bit of convincing on Ryan's part that he was, in fact, serious, I took the ring.

"This is your last chance to back out" I warned, as I placed it on my finger.

Then, after all that, I said "Yes".

And we lived happily ever after.

Well... after the wedding. Which will be sometime in 2011 at some venue in some state with some people there.

I haven't figured it all out yet. But isn't that the fun part?

Stay tuned...

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