One Month Down

... only about a bazillion more to go.

Yesterday marked one month from our wedding day. The time has just flown. We went on our honeymoon, I told my work that I want to go part-time, and we bought a house!

We're homeowners!

Wedding-related, I got about 99% of my thank you cards done and put in the mail, I sold a bunch of items, and I harassed my photographer and videographer via email to show me something already!

That's right... one month down, and we haven't seen A. SINGLE. PHOTO.

... I can hear you gasping into your computer screen.

Well, patience is a virtue (or so they say), and I'm trying hard to practice it. But it's really difficult when you have dreams that you receive your photos, then wake up to realize it was just a dream. Then you can't fall back asleep until you run downstairs and check your email like a crusty-eyed, sleep-deprived lunatic. Yeah, that's me.

So, stay tuned. I'm hoping to have something to look at by the end of this week (fingers crossed!).


Anonymous said...

Ouch, that stinks! Hopefully your photographer doesn't do what mine did, and fall short of the postage for the image CD by 3 cents. The post office held our pictures hostage for several days until we paid up!

Also, your house looks so sweet! Congratulations!!

Lane said...

OMG What a gorgeous house! I hope you plan to give a full tour of the inside!!!

Don't worry we are coming up on 4months and still don't have our disk... our photographer is SLOW, but great.

PS This is L from First Comes Love I changed my url update your reader :)

Saying I do said...

I didn't see my pics until a month after as well, it def. killed me but I'm sure you'll see them soon!

Saying I do said...

ohh and congrats on the house!!

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