RSVP or Die

We sent out our invitations mid-March. Our RSVP deadline was May 1st, which gave our guests plenty of time to send them in.

But did they? Oh no. In fact, when May 1st arrived, we were still missing over 40 guests. Gurrrrr.

Three weeks later, and we've tracked down most of them. I seriously don't understand what goes through peoples' minds. Our most recent card arrived on Friday. Did that person really not realize they were sending it in 3 weeks late?!

And then you get the people who tell you verbally... like I'm really going to remember what meal you want!

Okay. End rant. Here come the numbers...

Invitations Mailed: 109
People Invited: 261 (everyone got a +1)
Yes: 154
No: 98
Still MIA: 9
Acceptance Rate: 61%


Adults: 138
Teens: 9
Children: 7
OOT Guests: 58%

Those 9 missing people are driving me crazy. I told my family that if we don't hear from them by the end of the week, I'm marking them as a definitive "no". Ryan and I have to have the seating chart completely done by next weekend when we have our final meeting with our reception venue.

I can't believe how quickly this is going, and how much we still have left to do!


Laura @ Wine and Cheese, Please said...

RSVPs made me want to bash my head through the door. ARG! Good luck hunting the rest of them down....3 months after our wedding I still haven't heard from 4 people that they weren't coming (despite my emails, texts, and phone calls).

Saying I do said...

I received a reply card the DAY BEFORE our wedding in the mail. no joke. I mean..we had contacted them by phone at that point but oy! sometimes I have no hope for the human race.

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