4 Months to Go

I know I've been slightly absent recently... but I can't let today's 4-month mark come and go without an update as to how we're doing on our monthly To Do list. I'm freaking out a little bit because this past month totally flew by, and it feels like I just wrote about what my goals were! Gurr...

Past Month Goals:

1) Schedule our marriage counseling session. Check! We had to fill out little online tests, then we'll have a 3+ hour session with our marriage counselor the morning on my bridal shower in March.

2) Completely design our invitation suite, order all the paper and supplies, and begin printing. Hmm... can I give myself half of a check? We ordered all the paper and supplies, got most of the way through designing, but have come no where close to printing.

3) Book the flight, hotel, and transportation for our videographer. Check! It took me a while to mark this one off because it was up to our videographer to take care of the flight. But I can finally say it's done.

4) Get all three bridesmaids to order their dresses. Check! This one was pretty quick. My bridesmaids are rockstars like that.

Other Accomplishments:
  • I finished purchasing gifts for my bridesmaids.
  • Ryan ordered photo books for his groomsmen.
  • Test-ran our new return address stamp to see if it would go through the mail.
That's about it! We've been total slackers this month on the wedding front! (But, somehow... still spent a ton of money!).

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
  • Have our invitations completely designed and printed. Begin assembly.
  • Hire a sound engineer for our wedding ceremony (he will make sure everything sounds good and give us a CD of the ceremony afterwards).
  • Ask our ushers to be ushers.
  • Notify the people we would like to give toasts during the reception.
  • Schedule my wedding dress fitting.
  • Book a limo.
  • Choose what Ryan and his groomsmen will wear.
You have no idea how many items are on my To Do list for this month that I left off that list right there. Eek! I need to get cracking on this stuff!

On an uplifting note, I've lost 14.4 lbs total since I started Weight Watchers 8 weeks ago. I'm almost exactly halfway to my goal!

Also, my map store has been picking up business. I like each map I make even more than the previous one!

Happy Friday, everyone!


Danielle said...

OoOO! It's getting so close! Good luck with all your goals for this month! I agree with you, February really did flew right by.

Anonymous said...

You are in the home stretch!!!!! And yay for weight loss!!!

Saying I do said...

Hey Just found you and looking forward to following you as you countdown to your big day! Congrats on the weight loss with WW..that's fantstic and I've been thinking I'm going to sign up for it too before my wedding..Looks like you're in a great place 4 months away!

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