Meet Our Videographer

A couple weeks ago, I discussed being bit by the videography bug, and a lot of you commiserated in my pain.

Why, oh why couldn't someone have told us up front that wedding videography is so much better than we thought it was? That information should be front and center in the "You're Getting Married" handbook they pass out right after you get engaged.

What? You didn't get one?

...Don't feel bad. I didn't either ::sad face::

So Ryan was a little on the fence about this whole "videography" thing (it has to be put in quotes to convey the sarcastic tone). He told me if I really wanted to do this, I should poll recently married friends first and see what they thought.

Seeing as I only have one recently married friend, I facebooked her ASAP. Her response (I assure you, this is a direct quote)...
GET A VIDEOGRAPHER - BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY WEDDING was not getting one. Please please please get one.

I forwarded her response to Ryan, who said finally jumped on board.

::Jumpy squeal:: It's on!

My videography research got hardcore, and we were able to narrow it down to two finalists. But here's the catch... we didn't end up hiring either of them.

Right as we were debating which package would best fit our needs, I received an email from a long-forgotten about videographer from out of state. He asked if I was still interested in his videography services.

I replied, "You are, hands down, our favorite... but we just can't afford you right now."

He responded with some numbers and urged me to take another look.

So I calculated out what it would cost to fly the videographer in from D.C., shoot 8 hours of our wedding, and edit it. Believe it or not... it was within our budget.

But we didn't just go with them because they're "within our budget". We went with them because they're fantastic. It was the first (and only) wedding video that made Ryan say "wow".

And that is worth a million bucks.

I now present you with the fabulous company who will be shooting our wedding... HumanStory. You may recognize them because they were the videographers for Mrs. Cloud's wedding:

kate and brian trailer from humanstory on Vimeo.

I'm suuuuper excited about this.

Ryan and I are paying for them all on our own... but I'm not sure we could really put a price on something like this. When Ryan first watched this video, he said it looked like a TLC show (in a good way).

We chose HumanStory because of the amazing way they integrate family and bridal party interviews into the footage. Hearing the people close to us discuss our wedding day and what it means to them is way more important than some fancy video footwork with catchy music. We want it to be a story about us.


Danielle said...

Yay for getting a videographer!! I love their work!

Anonymous said...

LOL, we posted about hiring a videographer on the EXACT same day! Love it!

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