Printing, Emailing, and Burning Calories

Oh, so much happening!


First... invitation printing has officially begun... and it's exhausting! I thought all those other brides who complained about it were just being wusses.

I can't show specifics yet on which design we chose, but here are some action shots...

I kid you not... I broke our coffee table on the first day of printing because I pressed down too hard on my Gocco! We both heard a loud "crack" sound, but didn't know what it was. Then, a couple hours later, I noticed it: a giant crack on the side of our coffee table! Oh well... thank goodness it's a cheap table.

There are cards everywhere in our house. Every inch of every surface has cards drying on it. And that's just the RSVP cards!

Bridal Shower

Shower planning is in full swing (or so I hear). My aunts put a Google Doc online with all the RSVP responses so everyone could see.

But I'm totally baffled.

It must be a generational thing... because only one of my friends has RSVPed to the shower! And it's not like it's hard... they can do it via email! All my relatives and moms' friends were very prompt... and I just had to send a reminder email to 10 of my besties.


Weight Loss

I hit 15 pounds lost today at my Weight Watchers meeting. I'm halfway to my goal, and only 2 pounds away from the coveted 10% mark! Here are some before-and-after photos...

I've been taking photos in a bathing suit too... but I'm saving those until the very end.

Happy Thursday, everyone. It's almost the weekend! (And half marathon training starts Saturday).


Saying I do said...

congrats on the weight loss! Awesome!! I miss training for a half marathon, I neeeed to get back to running too! That's awesome you're doing your own invitations too!

Gina said...

Great job, Kelly! Congrats on your loss and you will be at 10% in no time! Good luck with the rest of the card printing and don't break any more furniture! :)

Laura @ Wine and Cheese, Please said...

Wow you look great!

Mel {The Oceanside Bride} said...

Congrats! You look amazing!!

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