Crazy 'bout IKEA!

Welcome to my newest follower, Miss Cuddlefish!

Now that we're only 6 months away from the wedding, I thought it was about time I delve a little bit further into my moniker.

As the IKEA Bride, it's my job... nay... it's my God-given duty to spread IKEA love to all my fellow wedding-planning friends.

One of the reasons I'm named the IKEA Bride (and one of the reasons Ryan proposed there), is because IKEA is pretty much the best store on earth. They have everything you could ever need for any occasion.

So I will pull some IKEA knowledge out of my sleeves and show you how to have a rockstar (slightly swedish) wedding on an teeny tiny IKEA budget!

First off, this cupcake apron would be the perfect bridal shower gift. And for only $5.99, your friends and family will have plenty of moolah left over to include all the necessary baking accessories too!

Next, for the ceremony, your adorable ringbearer could be carrying this equally-as-adorable heart pillow. You could easily attach a small ribbon to tie the rings to... or just put the rings on the ring fingers!

Famnig Hjarta, $4.99

Next comes the cocktail hour. These decorative cocktail napkins would be a cute low-cost alternative to the standard white napkin...

Nysno, $1.49 for 30

Decorate your cocktail tables with these classic lanterns...

Keep the kiddos entertained during the boring cocktail hour with these charming finger puppets (I'm pretty sure the one second from the left is a bride!)...

Following the cocktail hour comes the best part... the reception! Decorate your dinner tables with these great multi-height candle holders...

Milk glass is really popular right now for weddings, so these vases would fit right in!

Stock the restrooms with must-have emergency items by stuffing these versatile and re-usable baskets...

Last, but certainly not least... cut your cake in sleek and sophisticated style with this chic cake cutting set...

Now who, after seeing all that, doesn't love IKEA too?!

Can you believe that after Ryan and I got engaged, I had at least two people who responded, "What's IKEA?"

Oh, the horror!


Anonymous said...

I love LOVE IKEA! When we have nothing to do on Saturday's we go to IKEA to walk around! lol Very nice finds!

Anonymous said...

Don't hate me...but...I've never been to IKEA, and I never heard of it before I got engaged. Not even sure there's one around here. LOL. The horror!

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