The Giving and Receiving of Gifts

It's inevitable that with the holiday season comes the purchasing of gifts. I buy gifts for Ryan, Ryan buys gifts for me... we both buy an awkward amount of gifts for our dog, Maggie... you get the picture.

But there's one gift we did not expect to receive this year.

It arrived one afternoon on our doorstep in a nondescript cardboard box, addressed to yours truly. I tore it open with reckless abandon with the assumption it was something I had purchased for a family member.

But inside that box was something far more glorious...

... our very first gift off our wedding registry!

The billing address revealed it was from Ryan's grandmother in Pennsylvania. There was no note included, so we are under the assumption it is a Christmas gift... instead of a very early wedding present.

And with that assumption out of the way, we decided to christen our new waffle maker with some delicious Saturday morning, pre-Christmas waffles.


In theory, the waffles were delicious. I mean, come on... they're waffles! And we made them in our own kitchen!

... in reality, they were slightly lacking. We don't have the logistics worked out yet of what setting we should cook them on... and my "just add water" pancake mix left much to be desired in the taste department.

But they will get better... and we were super excited to open our first Christmas gift.

I've been spending all weekend finishing up all my shopping and wrapping. It's hard to be sneaky about gifts when you live with the person you're gifting them to.

And I've noticed, in comparison to last year, how many more gifts we have under our tree.

I guess that's what happens when you get engaged and your family suddenly doubles.

What are you giving your significant other for Christmas?

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Lane said...

Can't wait to start getting registry gifts! A few have been purchased but nothing given to us yet. Probably Christmas presents!!

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