To Buy or To DIY?

We booked our photographer last June. (Wow... it was that long ago?!) We signed the contract with David Bracho Photography, and paid the deposit... but we never actually decided on our package.

Being the overly-analytical, 10-page Excel spreadsheet, budget-wielding crazy that I am, it bothered me to have such a huge detail unfinished. So I sat down with the pricing information and got to work.

We have a budget of approximately $3,000 and need 8 hours of photography. A few of his specials are as follows...

A: 2 photographers, 8 hrs - $1,950
B: 2 photographers, 8 hrs, 20 pg. 8x10 album - $2,750
C: 2 photographers, 8 hrs, engagement session, 30 pg. 9x12 album - $3,250

Option A is basic and a good price. It's exactly what we need, and no more. So the big question is whether or not we'll want to purchase a wedding album from David. If so, then option B or C end up being a much better deal.

I've seen some gorgeous DIY wedding albums ordered online for much cheaper than what most photographers charge... but obviously, they aren't as high quality. I just don't know if making my own wedding album is something I'd going to want to tackle when all is said and done.

But on the other hand, perhaps a beautiful and expensive wedding album is something that really isn't all that important down the road. How much use will it really get? Plus, if we create our own, we could include photos leading up to the big day (rehearsal, rehearsal dinner), and photos after (morning-after brunch, honeymoon).

Decisions, decisions.

Will you be ordering a professional wedding album, or creating your own?


Lane said...

This first package is a great price for the basics! But do you only get an engagement session with Option C?
I actually want to design my own album and recently I saw a someone recommend these websites on weddingbee:
I guess they are pro albums and you don't have to be a pro to use the site, but they are definitely more expensive than Blurb or any of the other photobook sites. I can't vouch for the quality, but I would look into it.

every little kiss said...

I am NOT a DIY person but even I made a guestbook out of our engagement photos with no problems. I used adoramapix and it turned out really well. I would make your own--my 36 page book was only like $40 after coupons.

Anonymous said...

making my own! I'm actually starting with a guestbook made from our e-photos using Blurb. If you have any experience with design programs (e.g. InDesign or Photoshop), it's really easy.

Mich said...

I'm making my own! There are great sites out there that offer high quality products like Blurb, and Adoramapix. If you're up for the DIY, it's definitely a good choice!

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