Choosing our Photographer

I didn't want to discuss our photographer search in too much detail until we had our selection booked. Why? Mainly because I feel bad talking about people I don't know on my blog and listing all the reasons I dislike their business. That's just plain rude.

So I'm thrilled to announce that we have chosen the extremely talented David Bracho.

He spent quite a few years living here in Indiana, so when he came to visit family over the weekend, we had the great opportunity to meet with him in person at our house.

An hour and a half later, Ryan and I were sold. Take one look at some of these gorgeous photos, and you'll be sold too...

All photos courtesy David Bracho Photography

We haven't decided yet how many hours we want or if we want an album. All that can be hashed out later. For the time being, we just know that we want him there on our wedding day to capture all the moments like this...

Except ours would be a trip to Wendy's.

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