The Mystery of the Wedding Mail

I guess this should go under unsolved mysteries.

Just about every other day I receive wedding-related mail. It's not mail that I requested or even mail from vendors I've been in contact with.

Instead, it's totally random photographers and florists who somehow have my address.

How did they get my address?!

I'm totally clueless.

At first, they were addressed to our old apartment (Ryan and I just moved into a new apartment about a month ago), but USPS was forwarding everything to our new place. When it first began, all the vendors were Indianapolis-based.

A) Ryan and I live about 2 hours away from Indianapolis.
B) We are having our wedding in Chicago, not Indianapolis.
C) Again... how did they get my address?!

But now, they are coming straight to our new place with our correct address on them, and they are Chicago-based vendors.

It's like someone is stalking us!

Well, if they really are stalking us, hopefully they'll give up now that we have chosen a photographer (without the help of direct mailing... thankyouverymuch).

More on that later. Stay tuned!

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