This is Weird

My fiance doesn't know I have a wedding blog.

Yeah, go ahead... stone me.

It's not that it's a secret... cause it's not. It's just that he hasn't asked.

Haha, yeah. I know that sounds ridiculous. Well, maybe I just don't want to let him in on the bridal crazy. I told him from the very beginning of this process that he could be as involved or as un-involved in planning as he chose.

I don't want him to feel obligated to keep up with yet another one of my whacky blogging endeavors. I don't want him to realize just how obsessive a girl (any girl... not just me!) can get over one or two teeny tiny wedding details.

So when the day comes when he finally discovers this little gem, all I can do is hope he is as gung-ho about it as he was when he found the maps I had secretly drafted up last week.

"Those are really cool." Awww... thanks, Ryan.

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