I Invite You to Judge Me

Ryan and I are pretty creative people. I've been doodling, creating and photographing since I was a kid. Ryan knows a lot about graphic design and layouts. Together, we're an unstoppable stationary-creating machine.

You may recall that we designed and printed our own Save the Dates back in August.

Sorry for the crappy photo... click to enlarge.

Well, the time has come where we need to start thinking about our invitation suite. Even though our wedding isn't until June, we plan on sending them out early... we're thinking March. That way, we can get an idea of how many people plan on attending early on... then send out more invitations as necessary in an attempt to reach that magical "200" number.

So I've been designing away. None of the ideas are particularly unique (being that I found my inspiration on the internet)... but we know they will be unique to our guests. We just didn't want something that was plain and boring. That's not "us".

The first invitation I designed was simple and chic. I love the little heart petals and how great the pink looks with the navy blue. This would be a fun one to Gocco...

Petals (click to enlarge)

The next invite uses real silhouettes of Ryan and I. After I was done creating it, we commented how we never knew his chin was so round or my nose was so pointy. It's creative and personal, but I feel like it's missing something...

Silhouette (click to enlarge)

The next invitation was a direct steal from one I saw on Weddingbee. The straight-to-the-point design lets the words speak for themselves...

Billboard (click to enlarge)

I thought I was done designing, until Ryan mentioned how the silhouette invite reminded him of the silhouettes on our Save the Date. That got me thinking. Dare I mention the word "theme" even?! So I created this one too...

Skyline (click to enlarge)

I normally wouldn't spoil the surprise by posting all our potential invites on here... but I'm pretty sure only four of our guests ever read this blog, so it'll be just fine.

What do you think? Which one is your favorite? Check out the poll on my sidebar and cast your vote!


Danielle said...

You are too stinkin' talented! I loveee the last two, but I voted for the skyline! I love silhouettes!

Lane said...

I like the first one best! So cute good job!

Elaine said...

The city skylines are amazing! Did you make them?

Anonymous said...

OMG I Love the skyline one!!! Theme...aaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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