Dress Surprise

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Our WOW is next weekend, and my mom had a thought that perhaps Ryan's mom would like to see my wedding dress before next June... and this weekend would probably be her only chance.

I thought that was a great idea, so we were going to make an appointment with the dress shop to go try on the sample of my dress again.

But I received an exciting phone call yesterday from my dress shop. They said that my dress and veil were in and ready to be picked up.

::Double Take:: Whaa?!?

That was unexpected.

Back in July when I found "the" dress, the shop owner told me they would have it delivered around March, 2011 so there would be enough time to have it fitted, altered, and ready before our big day.

I didn't think I would see my dress until March. It's 5 months early!

The exciting part is, now, Ryan's mom will get a chance to see my actual dress.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! It's such a beautiful dress!

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