The Dress Reveal

I showed you all the reject dresses from this weekend's shopping excursion.

I present you now with THE dress...

Justin Alexander 8349

You didn't think I would show you myself in the dress, did you? Ha! I don't think so. A) Ryan reads this blog, and I'm determined to keep it hidden from him as long as possible, and B) It's a bigger surprise for all of you when I finally reveal it on the big day (or... a couple days later...).

I didn't have one of those big giant "aha" moments where I cried or just knew it was THE dress. It was a careful process of elimination and deciding what I like. That said, I learned I'm a very decisive person about what I don't like. So that helped.

I think my mom, 3 aunts, and 2 cousins all agreed that it was the right dress for me. I couldn't be more thrilled with my purchase. It has the strapless drop-waist style I was looking for, and it fits like it was made for me. Plus, as an added surprise perk, we found it was way under budget. Score!

Plus! When I was trying on veils with the dress, I found one I really liked. The woman casually mentioned, "that veil is $99." What?! I've been reading horror stories from other blogs about $300 and $500 veils, and this gorgeous, silky, cathedral-length veil is only $99?! SOLD!

So thus ends my wedding dress shopping extravaganza. Now just 8 more months until I see the dress again (go faster, 8 months!).

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Anonymous said...

It looks better on you.


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