Breaking All the Rules

I love the show Say Yes to the Dress. I spend a good chunk of my Thursday and Friday afternoons getting sucked into pretty white dresses and red hot family dramas.

But this show is more than entertainment. It is a true teaching tool. (Stick with me here.) The following are the things I've learned from SYTTD... and how I plan on breaking each and every one of them:

1) Always go into your appointment with an idea of what type of dress you want, or bare minimum, what type of bride you want to be. A clueless bride can spend the entire appointment just narrowing down her style.

Well, as I explained last week, I have no idea what type of dress I want. And what type of bride? Oh boy. Who knows. Am I a spunky bride? Elegant bride? Princess bride? Fun bride? Sexy bride? Quirky bride? Hmm... your guess is as good as mine.

2) Don't get your dress too early. You can end up second-guessing your dress choice or wondering "what if" to every dress you come across in a magazine.

My wedding is 1 year and 8 days away. Woops. But I'm impatient! And restless! And bored! Hmm... I wonder if those would qualify as my "bridal type"?

3) Don't bring a huge entourage to the appointment. The last thing you need are unwanted opinions when you're trying to make such a huge decision.

Haha. It started out as just my mom and I, but has escalated to my mom, 3 aunts, 2 cousins, and I. Despite SYTTD's incessant warnings, I will be a happy bride-to-be with my large entourage. I hold absolutely no fears that they will be unruly or out-of-line like some of the families on the show.

Overall, I'm extremely excited. I wonder if I'll be a cryer (I doubt it). A better question is if my family will cry.


Anonymous said...

Bring the crying towel!

Alesia said...

Oh yes, there will be crying (or tearing up at the very least!) I promise we won't be unruly...loud and excited yes, but, unruly, no.

We can't wait!

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