Like a Kid in a Candy Store

I got a voicemail yesterday from one of the bridal boutiques I had made an appointment with. I won't name which one because I'm a nice person.

"Hi Kelly, this is so-and-so from Bridal Boutique. I'm calling in regards to your appointment on July 3rd. I'm so so so so sorry, but the girl who made your appointment didn't know we would be closed that day for the holiday weekend, etc etc etc..."

Now, I'm totally sympathetic that mistakes happen. Perhaps the girl was busy and didn't realize the day I was making my appointment for was a holiday. Perhaps.... except that the very first thing I said to her on the phone was, "Hello, are you guys open on July 3rd?". She paused (I assume looking up the answer), then replied with a cheerful, "Yes! Would you like to make an appointment?". Gurrr.

So I was left with the annoying situation of having to find another bridal boutique that's open that day and available for me and my entourage of 6 to visit.

After some internet searching, I came across Rue Belle. I was slightly relieved that they were a bit more in my price range than the store that dumped me, so I gave them a call.

The owner informs me she will be out of town on July 3rd and the store will be closed.

BUT! She graciously offers to have someone unlock the store for us so we can try on dresses.

That's right... we will have the entire store to ourselves. Is that a bride's dream or what? I'm focusing on the positive (no pressure from sales people) instead of the negative (no sales people to pull pretty dresses for me). Since it's the first stop of the day, I figure it will be a good chance to try on a bunch of different styles and find out what I like.

Woo! Dress party!

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Aunt Kim said...

I love reading your wedding blog! Have fun with the dresses....are "all sales final"?

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