The Meaning of Color

Ryan's favorite color. He told me as a child, his (older) sister always said to him "your favorite color is red" just so she could have the blue piece when playing board games. I guess over time, he just started to believe her. But I don't want to use red in our wedding because it screams fall/winter. I want something a little more spring/summer and cheery.

I can sympathize with Ryan's color situation because my soon-to-be Maid of Honor, C, forced purple on me as my favorite color because she, too, wanted blue all to herself. To this very day, I hate the color purple. This color will not be a part of our wedding.

My favorite color. But it's a tricky one because it comes in so many shades! It can range from pastel-y to puke-y.

The older I've grown, the more I like pink. But I fear that using pink in our wedding will scream, "Kelly did all the work herself and Ryan had absolutely no say." Which, contrary to his wishes, just isn't true.

Oh gag. No.

I showed Ryan some inspiration boards with different color palettes. My top 3 favorites were Pink and Gray, Yellow and Gray, and Yellow and Navy.

Ryan suggested Yellow, Gray, and Navy.

Wow. I knew I was marrying him for a reason.

So it's not totally official yet, but what do you think?

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