Gocco, My Love

I am dangerously close to purchasing a Riso Print Gocco PG-10 on Ebay.

Did I lose you?

For those that don't know, this is a Gocco...

It is a magical little machine that makes beautiful prints like these...

It has become really popular in the past 10 years for DIY brides who want to save money on invitations.

It essentially works like screen printing. You can use any design you want, then the image gets burned into a screen, which you then ink and press onto your paper (yeah... that's the way condensed version).

Why do I want one? A) Because I don't like Kinkos. They are expensive, it's not as pretty, and I don't trust them. B) Because I've convinced myself that DIYing my invitations will save money.

Will it really? I have no idea. Which is why I'm stuck hovering my mouse over the "Buy Now" button on Ebay.

Let's break it down... The Gocco costs $145 used. Then I have to buy paper or cardstock to print save-the-dates, invitations, maps, information, menus, rsvp cards, etc etc etc.

If I knew how much all that paper would cost, and if I knew how much it costs to print at Kinkos, then I could do a lovely comparison right about now. But, alas.

I have a feeling the DIY, Gocco-loving, money-saving bride inside me will win this battle.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wait, Stop don't click the buy button. How much can you really save, and is it worth the hassle and what if the used thing doesn't work properly. MOM

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