They Said Yes!

I proposed to my bridesmaids via snail mail, so they all received their packages at different times.

Bridesmaid J got hers the morning of my birthday party, so when I saw her that night, she said yes. She followed it up with a "but I don't know what I'm doing" disclaimer. I told her no problem... I don't know what I'm doing either!

Maid of Honor C got hers a few days ago (she's been off jetsetting, so I had to mail it to her parents' house). I received a voicemail, "KELLLLYY! I got your package! Of course I'll be your Maid of..." "End of message. To repeat message, press 4." I laughed hard. She called me back the next morning and told me how she had teared up a little when she read the card. Awesome. Just the response I wanted!

Bridesmaid M hasn't gotten hers yet (that I know of). After her and her boyfriend broke up, I held off on sending the proposal package. It should have arrived a few days ago, but she doesn't have a mailing address... just a P.O. Box, so she may not have checked it yet. So now I just have to wait for that phone call.

I'm super excited to have 3 of my best friends there to celebrate this big day with me. I only wish that they were friends with eachother! Hopefully by the end of this process, they'll get to know one another better and they'll see what I love about each of them!

(Aren't these dresses super cute? Three bridesmaids in short, gray, non-matching dresses... this is totally the look I'll be going for!)

Edit: Only a couple hours after posting this, bridesmaid M left me an adorable voicemail telling me how much she loved me and of course she would be my bridesmaid. In case you're keeping count, that's 3 yeses.

Let the fun begin!

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YEAH!! says Mom

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