Meet my Bridesmaids

Ever since I decided on my bridesmaids, I've been just itching to ask them! But I had to order cards, then wait for the cards to arrive, then make little packages to send them.

I mentioned before what I had printed in each card. Here is a little peek at each card, along with an introduction to my girls...

This is C, my "sister". We met in preschool, so we've known each other for a whopping twenty years! We were completely inseparable from 4th grade through our senior year in high school. Now, even though she is hard to keep track of (London, India, and New Hampshire... all just this summer alone), she will always remain my best friend. I have asked C to be my maid of honor. This decision was a no-brainer.

This is J, my "little buddy". (This is a horrible photo of me, but I just had to use it because it's a picture of J and I when I was a "bridesmaid" for her mock wedding in college.) We met during our freshman year at college when she lived 2 doors down. We lived together and were best friends for our sophomore and junior years, and went everywhere together. I have asked J to be a bridesmaid.

This is M, my "birthday twin". We met our sophomore year in college when she joined my sorority and we learned we had the same birthday! We were good friends through college, and lived together the summer after our junior year and all through our senior year. She has been there through thick and thin and a lot of boy drama. Even though she now lives on the east coast, we try to talk often. I have asked M to be a bridesmaid.

As soon as the cards arrived, I wrote a little personalized note in each one and sealed it up. I bought 3 ring pops in corresponding colors (blue, green, and pink), and attached these stickers I made to tie it all together:

I packed the cards and ring pops into padded mailers, and they will be on their way first thing tomorrow!

I'm so excited for my girls to receive their little packages. I'll let you know their answers when I get them!

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