This is Way Too Easy

The ease of our wedding planning to date is making me extremely nervous.

There's no way it should be this easy.

Case in point...

Hair and Makeup
My mom was at her hair appointment with our long-time stylist, Amy. She asked if Amy would be available to do my hair for my wedding. Amy loved the idea, wrote it on her calendar, and offered to do hair and makeup for everyone!

Hotel Block
We drove past a hotel in my hometown this past weekend. We stopped in to check it out. It was large, secluded, and practically empty. My mom reserved the rooms this afternoon.

Wedding Dress and Veil
Picked out and ordered after one afternoon and two bridal shops.

Signed the contract after meeting him in person at our home in Indiana.

If the rest of our wedding planning goes this smoothly, I'm looking at an extremely laid-back 12 months.

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HaHaHa! says Mom

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