Second-Guessing our Colors

Even though Ryan and I never officially decided on our colors, I was maybe kinda sorta walking around telling everyone they were navy blue, yellow, and gray. Like... bridesmaids, family members, dress consultants, complete strangers...

What? So sue me!

But last week, I had a change of heart.

I was organizing my wedding binder and I found a bunch of magazine clippings featuring centerpieces and bouquets I thought were pretty. Almost every single photo had pink flowers in it. I imagined holding a yellow bouquet against my ivory dress. I imagined our yellow centerpieces against the ivory tablecloths and white walls at our reception venue. And it all just felt so blah.

And then I imagined this...

It's classy and fun, without being too girly. It has just the right amount of color to really stand out in our blank-canvas of a reception hall.

I'm thinking navy blue or gray bridesmaid dresses, gray tuxes, and pink flowers. Sounds perfect.

(Note: I just now realized that our original colors were the exact same as the IKEA colors. No wonder I was so attached to them!)

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