My Gocco Arrived!

The last time I talked about Gocco, I was trying to decide whether or not to buy one. My mom thought I was crazy. "How much money will this really save?" she asked.

But then she uttered that one little phrase that make it all better: "It's your wedding. Do what you want."

So I bought it!

Sure, I could probably design something and have it printed at Kinkos, but then it wouldn't look as cool. And, sure, I could probably design something and have someone else print it, but then it would be expensive. So I see this as a happy medium.

The moment it arrived on my front door, I wanted to bust that sucker open and start printing! Too bad I don't have anything designed yet. We don't even have our colors finalized yet.

So my pretty little Gocco will just sit in the corner until I can convince Ryan it is not too early to start making Save-the-Dates. (It's really not!)

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