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How on earth is a person supposed to choose a DJ?

This seems to be the most difficult decision I've faced thus far in planning.

They all sound the same! Why is that? Oh, yes... because they are all playing the same music.

I mean, how hard is this? Show up, set up, introduce us, play what I tell you to play, don't play what I tell you not to play, get paid. Sounds simple.

I don't know anyone who has gotten married in the Chicago suburbs, so I don't have anyone to get recommendations from. Whenever I do a Google search or look at the DJs on the Knot, I just end up confused.

I think I should just put out there what I want and how much I want to pay for it. And all the area DJs should have a bidding war over us (because, seriously... our wedding is going to rock. I'm pretty sure everyone will want to be a part of it).

Once upon a time, I thought this decision would be easy. I found a DJ company that shall go unnamed, and immediately fell in love with their philosophy and playlists. But when I contacted them, they said my date was already completely booked up.

What. Seriously?! I guess I have to put them out of my mind.

I emailed our photographer this morning asking if he had any suggestions. When I received a reply a couple hours later, I was excited. It's pretty much a guarantee that whoever he suggests will automatically be a finalist.

Well... guess who he recommended.

That's right... the exact same company I was trying to forget.


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