Shopping for Wedding Bands

When we took my engagement ring in to be repaired, Ryan and I took the opportunity to do a little wedding band shopping.

Um... pretty bands with pretty diamonds? Yes, please!

As I've mentioned before, Ryan and I are pretty decisive people. So it didn't take us very long to figure out what we wanted.

Ryan's band is being ordered, and won't arrive for another 4-6 weeks, but I was able to take mine home on the spot (thank you sample-sized ring finger!).

I bought a 14K white gold semi-eternity band, and I totally love it (and kinda want to wear it, like... now).

I won't keep you waiting any longer...

I must say.... it's like that ring was made for my engagement ring. They are totally different, yet go so well together.

Once Ryan's ring arrives, we'll be dropping them off at my parents' house in Illinois so I won't be temped to wear it around the house when Ryan's not looking!

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Love it!


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