Oh Crap

The diamond in my engagement ring fell out.

I was going to blog about other things, but I think this pretty much trumps them all.

Before I give anyone any heart attacks, I'll tell you that yes, I still have the diamond.

It all started yesterday morning when I looked down at my ring and thought, "hmm... the diamond looks crooked."

All day long, I kept looking down and noticing more and more just how crooked the diamond was. Here is the email I sent Ryan from work yesterday afternoon:
"This is weird, but I'm pretty sure the diamond in my ring is crooked. I don't know if it's always been that way of if I knocked it out of alignment, but we should definitely get it checked out this weekend. Don't want it falling out!"
Ha. Total foreshadowing.

So yesterday evening, after dinner, I was sitting at my desk, admiring my crooked diamond, when I pressed my finger down on the top of it. There was a tiny "click", like the diamond had moved. Well, that's not good!

I pressed it again, and POP... the diamond fell out. Right there onto my desk.

I laughed (yes, laughed), because I had totally seen this coming, yet I was still surprised. But I was relieved that it had happened while I was paying attention instead of, say... going for a run.

I called Ryan and he couldn't believe it. We already had plans to visit the jeweler on Saturday to shop wedding bands, so the timing couldn't have been better. But, still... it's only been four months. That doesn't really give me too much confidence in my ring!

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