Hey Mr. DJ...

Put a record on!

We have booked our DJ. So what if we only interviewed one company. We talked to them on the phone and just knew they were perfect.

We are going with Style Matters DJs. They've got stellar reviews all over the internet, answered all our questions right away, and seem to be exactly what we're looking for in a DJ.

Less than 24 hours after speaking with them, we were mailing in our deposit. The total cost came in under budget (yayyy!), but the real sneak-attack killer was the traveling expenses. We are getting married in a Chicago suburb, and they charge you for every 25 miles outside of Chicago they have to travel. We are over 50 miles away. Ouch. But I'm finding this common among Chicago vendors.

But even so... it's totally worth it to have a real professional Chicago DJ instead of just some kid from the suburbs who spins in his basement.

Now that we have that covered, our major vendor To Do list is dwindling. All that's left is the florist and bakery.

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