Save the Date Reveal

The Save the Dates have landed!

According to my calculations (and the text and facebook messages I've received), our Save the Dates should have arrived at their respective destinations (and if yours hasn't arrived yet, your mailman probably hates you).

So now that the majority of our guests have laid their eyes on our adorable cards, I can reveal them here... including a breakdown of how they were made and how much they cost to make.

Gocco PG-10 (used): $150.00, WeddingBee Classifieds
125 A6 Notecards in Blossom (Pink): $20.50, Paper Source
100 A6 Envelopes in Night (Navy): $34.50, Paper Source
Silver Pitt Bullet Tip Pen: $3.95, Paper Source
93 4x6 Photos: $11.84, Snapfish
100 44-cent Stamps: $45.00, USPS
Total (minus the Gocco, which will be used for Invitations and then resold) = $115.79
or $1.41 per Save the Date (82 sent so far)

First of all, here was our inspiration...

Ryan and I are both pretty creative people, and good with graphics, so we knew it would be a breeze to recreate this.

After I made the design in PhotoShop, Ryan transferred it over to InDesign. I created the screen for my Gocco, and I was ready to print!

First, I mixed the blue and black ink to make a Navy Blue...

I set up my work station on our coffee table...

I inked the screen and was ready to print!

I practiced on a few pieces of printer paper...

The first few prints turned out kinda splotchy...

But after a few practices and ink readjustments, they started coming out pretty good. I finally just sucked it up and began printing on our pink cards.

When they were all done and dry, Ryan and I made a pile of "good" prints and "bad" prints so we could make sure everyone got a legible Save the Date.

We had a photo of the two of us printed to include in the envelopes, then Ryan helped me stuff...

I did some lovely faux-ligraphy (aka fancy cursive) to address all 82 envelopes...

We stamped them with 44-cent King and Queen of Hearts LOVE stamps, and they were ready to go!

Into the mailbox they go!

Here is the final product (click to enlarge)!

I'm really excited to receive such positive response from family and friends. Totally worth our time, and not too costly.

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Anonymous said...

Love the card, I could tell both of you put a lot of thought into the design. A+

Saw Chris today and he said it was totally something Kelly would do and he also said the picture was good.


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