Photo Booth Drama

Discussing a photo booth led to Ryan and I's first wedding planning disagreement.

I had made a pretty extensive Excel spreadsheet comparing all the Chicago area photo booth companies... cost, number of hours, travel fees, cost for double prints, etc.

I narrowed it down to my top 3 and requested a picture of each booth from the companies. Once the photos arrived in my inbox, I showed them to Ryan so he could weigh in. But his reaction was not what I expected.

"They're all black. Do they come in any other color? That's going to look so tacky against our white ballroom."

Ummm..... wow.

The black booth vs. white walls thought had not even crossed my mind. And to be honest... now that it had, I still didn't care. I asked Ryan if the black photo booth was really going to bother him.

His answer? "Yes."

So my search began for white photo booths. Let me tell you right now... there are none.

This minor disagreement about the look of the booth was really bothering me. I was beginning to think the photo booth just wasn't going to happen. I had all but crossed it off my list, when I suddenly had an epiphany.

I went to Ryan, sat him down, and said, "This was the first thing I asked for after we got engaged. I have been wanting and obsessing over having this photo booth for months. I'm going to have to say that my dream trumps your weird thing about aesthetics."

What did he say?


Wow, that was easy. I know it's not exactly a compromise, but in a situation like this... that's not really an option. I figure somewhere along the wedding planning way, there will be one thing that Ryan feels really strongly about. And when that day comes, I'll give it to him.

...Then we'll be even.


Mike said...


We looked into having booths of different colors available but the black is by far the best for blending into a room. It really doesn't stand out at all.

Ryan said...

You make me sound mean haha! I really wasn't THAT opposed to it...

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