Photo Booth Reveal

After the photo booth drama was resolved, Ryan let me hash out which company to go with. So I picked the company with the least-offensive looking booth (at least according to Ryan... my mom had a completely different opinion).

Just this evening, I signed the contract and sent it on over.

We will have the pleasure of working with Shutterbox Photo Booth Rentals for our reception, and I'm super thrilled.

Photo Courtesy Shutterbox

I was even more excited when I realized that they are based out of my hometown!

  • Accommodates up to 10 guests
  • Unlimited number of prints
  • DVD copy of all photos
  • Petite: 4' x 5'
  • Simple on-screen instructions
  • Guest can choose color or black and white
  • Photos print instantly
  • Live slideshow on the outside of the booth
  • Booth attendant to assist guests
  • Choose between classic photo strips of 4x6 photos
  • Free online gallery of all photos
  • Graphics with your event's name and date at the bottom of each strip
  • Photo guest book with all materials provided
  • Party prop box with masks, boas, hats, etc.
I know a few of our wedding guests read this blog, but not enough to ruin the surprise. I can't wait to see what fun pictures our friends and family end up taking!


Anonymous said...

We may have to hide the party box!!

This is suppose to be a dignified affair.


Ryan said...

I like it. I wasn't so much opposed to the black as the was the "road case" look.

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