Meet the Groomsmen

It took Ryan 2 1/2 months longer than me to decide on his groomsmen. And obviously, since he's a boy, he didn't do any adorable cards or ring pops to ask them.

So here is an introduction to the boys...

Ryan, S, D, and G

Was it a lucky coincidence that I found a photo of all four of them together? No.

Back in the day (less than 2 years ago), Ryan was in a band with these 3 guys. They played some pretty awesome live concerts in the Philadelphia area. But S and D both joined other bands, and G moved to China (yes, seriously). So the four of them haven't been all together in a long time.

Ryan struggled with who to have by his side, but it always seemed to come back to this group. They have spent a lot of time together, been through a lot, plus they have the added luxury of already being friends... which minimizes any awkwardness.

Now that our wedding party is complete, I'm super excited to share our day with these 6 people. I will be relying on them to keep our heads on straight, keep us grounded, and bring the fun.


Anonymous said...

They look so young in this picture!


Anonymous said...

I hope they are planning a reunion of Lasting Factor!


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