I have SO much to talk about, but I envision a super busy week ahead, and I promised an invitation reveal, so here we go! I'll do a full cost breakdown at the bottom.

Here's what our guests see when they open their mailbox...

The front of the envelopes have a Gocco-ed design in the left corner, and some faux-lligraphy for the names and addresses. We used the rings stamp, which wasn't my first choice, but that's a story for another day.

The back of the envelopes have our return address which came from a rubber stamp I ordered off Etsy.

When our guests open the envelope, they'll pull out the invitation suite...

The suites are wrapped in blue and white bakers twine and tied with a tag that says the guests' names. We went with first names to keep it a little more casual.

Our invitation was the thing that started it all. We used the font Pea Olsen, which I love...

On top of the invitation, our guests will find a card with reception information, directions, and our website...

On the back of that card is the map I designed...

Those were supposed to be two separate cards, but time, money, and Gocco issue prevented that. This card ended up being the only one we had professionally printed.

Next is the RSVP card...

We kept the wording pretty standard, but mixed it up with the food icons (which all our guests loved).

The back has some Gocco-ing, our stamped return address, and the polar bear stamp (of course). We chose to do a postcard to save on postage.

Here is the invitation suite all together...

Cost Breakdown
Gocco PG-10: $150.00
10 Screens and 30 Bulbs: $141.62
Cardstock: $30.96
Envelopes: $71.04
Black Light Pen: $6.62
Gocco Ink: $33.70
Return Address Stamp: $16.50
Stamp Pads: $5.98
Bakers Twine (250 Yards): $9.00
Blank Tags (150): $13.00
Professional Printing: $108.00
Postage: $72.00

Total: $658.32

I plan on selling the Gocco and extra supplies for $150, which would bring the grand total to $3.39 per invitation for 104 invitations.

Yesterday, when we got back from our weekend in Illinois, we had our first response...

I was so happy. We finally have some guests!


Laura @ Wine and Cheese, Please said...

Your invites are totally adorable :)

It's so exciting to check the mail and see that you got RSVP's! Enjoy it! :)

Lauren said...

Your invites are so cute!

Danielle said...

Those are sooo so awesome! I bought a Gocco to do our invites, but have since changed our minds on what we are doing.

Ahh, I'm so excited for you.. these are seriously totally cool!

jacin {lovely little details} said...

i love those so much!!!!! they are so cute!!!

Miss Puppy Love said...

Woo hoo!!! These are so awesome!!! And can I just mention how *great* you look in that picture?! You are kicking some serious a** at WW!!!

PS- Your invites totally make me wish we would've ordered a Gocco. *Sigh* oh well. :-)

Ms. Lemon Puppy said...

Those are awesome. Congratulations on having them out and done!

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