3 Months to Go

(Well... technically not until Friday, but I'm ahead of my game!)

Each month seems to pass more and more quickly. I can't believe we only have 3 months until the wedding! Let's get right to the update...

Past Month Goals:

1) Have our invitations completely designed and printed. Begin assembly. Check! Check! Check! Not only did we begin assembly, but we completely finished it as of Tuesday night, and our invitations are arriving in our guests' mailboxes as we speak!

2) Hire a sound engineer for our wedding ceremony. A big fat X for this one... but mostly because we decided we don't really need him. The audio for our ceremony should be pretty basic, and we'll have a videographer to catch it all on film (whereas the sound engineer would provide us with an audio CD).

3) Ask our ushers to be ushers. Check! Ryan asked his cousin, and I asked my brother. I heard through the grapevine that my brother's girlfriend's response was, "your sister asked you to be in her wedding via email?! You guys have a weird relationship." Yes. Yes, we do.

4) Notify the people we would like to give toasts during the reception. Hmm... not really. I think they already know, but I should probably give them all a formal heads-up.

5) Schedule my wedding dress fitting. Woops! No, again. We decided to wait off on this since I'm losing weight at such a rapid pace.

6) Book a limo. Check! Just did this one last weekend. We'll be riding in style in a 14 passenger Escalade from American Coach Limo.

7) Choose what Ryan and his groomsmen will wear. We sort of did this. Details to come after this weekend.

That list makes me feel like a slacker. I guess the amount of time we put into the Invitations overshadowed all the other wedding projects.

Other Accomplishments:
  • I purchased / DIYed some shower hostess gifts.
  • We booked a hotel for the Sunday night after our wedding (we need to be near the airport for our 8am flight to Cancun!).
  • We chose our first dance song.
  • We bought and designed placecards.
  • I made a card box.
  • I purchased earrings.
  • We bought wine to go in our wine box.
  • I bought three (very different) dresses to wear to my bridal shower.

See! We're not that big of slackers! I'm pretty proud of all the stuff we got done in the past month. It took a pretty major chunk off our To Do list.

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
  • Purchase and create table numbers.
  • Schedule dance lessons.
  • Schedule dress fittings. (Seriously!)
  • Plan our ceremony.
  • Decide on aisle decor.
  • Print family wedding photos and frame them.
I just breathed a huge sigh of relief because that list right there is totally doable. I'm just so thrilled to be done with our invitations (A few coworkers received theirs today, and gushed about how cute they were!).

Ryan and I will be heading to Illinois this weekend. Ryan's mom, aunt, sister, and niece are all coming into town, and will be staying with us at my parents' house. It should be fun... and busy!

Friday: Ryan meets my maternal grandparents and dinner at our rehearsal dinner location.
Saturday: Marriage counseling in the morning and bridal shower in the afternoon.
Sunday: Meeting with our reception venue to discuss details.



Anonymous said...

Love all the dresses, all totally different.


Saying I do said...

wow you're ON THE BALL! Way to go!

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