Dance, Dance

Back in December, I listed some of my ideas for first dance songs.

This was before Ryan and I had even discussed it.

So after my post went live, I sat down with him, and we went through them, song by song, and made cuts and additions.

We decided we both really liked "You and Me" by Dave Matthews...

It's slow, has cute lyrics, and has a slightly more up-tempo chorus, which would be perfect for dancing.

Months went by, and we continued to ignore the first dance decision. Until I heard "Rhythm of Love" by the Plain White T's...

It's fun, playful, and a great dancing speed.

So which did we decide on? "You and Me". I told Ryan that both would be great... but I fear that "Rhythm of Love" will be overplayed by June, and when I hear "You and Me"... and I can practically picture our wedding video.


But our dance skills? Not so much.

So I purchased a Groupon for 2 private dance lessons at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio here in town. It's a $210 value, and I paid only $30.

We don't expect to become pros with only two lessons... but every little bit helps!


Danielle said...

I LOVE that song! Great choice!

Anonymous said...

I want Dad to go with me but he says no, the last dancing lessons we had were DISCO, will there be any DISCO?


jacin {lovely little details} said...

we used "you and me" for our cake cutting song because we wanted it incorporated somehow, but weren't sure where to play it - it was perfect :)

Aunt Kim said...

Great song, it brought a tear to my eye.

Saying I do said...

wow they're both great choices! My fiance and I LOVE You and ME by DMB...we always sing or quote it..sooo I think my vote would be for that one ;)

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