The Week of Wedding

With December officially here, and the midwest buried in the white stuff, I thought I'd take a moment to discuss my favorite holiday...

my birthday of course! (You thought I was going to say Christmas, didn't you?)

No, my birthday isn't close to Christmas (Jeez... get your mind off Christmas, already!). But it is close to our wedding. Five days apart to be exact.

This makes for a sad IKEA Bride.

Growing up, I always mocked my parents. They had their anniversary, my mother's birthday, and mother's day all within a week and a half of eachother. Silly parents, I would think... I would never do that to myself.


But it wasn't our fault! Our reception venue only had 2 dates in June, and some of my friends already had a wedding on one of those dates (I didn't want to make them choose).

So why June?

A) Because June is the most awesome month of all. It's still spring, but feels like summer. It's not too hot, not too cold, and everyone is in a good mood.
B) Because June is the beginning of triathlon season. (Did I mention I'm a triathlete?) If we had the wedding in, say, August... it would ruin training for all my best races. I want to be over and done with wedding stuff by mid-summer so I can get back to my real life.
C) Because spring is too rainy and fall is too cold and depressing.

So June it is!

My wedding/birthday week sadness comes from my selfish side. I don't like attention being taken away from my birthday! And the non-selfish side of me feels bad for Ryan who has to buy me two gifts in one week (okay... maybe that's a little selfish too).

Fine. So what? I love my birthday. I love our wedding. I will just have to spin this into a good thing. We get one week of amazingness every year in June. We can use it as an excuse to do some rock star celebrations like going to Las Vegas or throwing a huge party.

I can see Ryan sweating already.


every little kiss said...

Our wedding is 5 days after Valentine's Day. And it's two weeks after my fiance's b-day :)

So we really packed in the celebrations too :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be like your mom; my wedding, birthday, and Mother's Day will all be within a week and a half of each other! I'm hoping for an epic birthday/wedding shower party. It's not an excuse to get one present, it's a reason to get two! Hehe.

P.S.: May is obvs the best month out of the year. Just saying. :P

Anonymous said...

I'm glad mine is in Jan. ^_^

Leana said...

We are getting married in July which is a complete bust for triathlon season for me. I don't want to commit to anything too long distance wise after the wedding, and I'm not sure how great my training will be leading up to the wedding. I know a few folks who have gotten married really close to racing Ironman and I seriously have no idea how they did it!

Ryan said...

damn, so much for getting you flowers for our anniversary...i may need to start brainstorming "june gifts" for future years now...

Aunt Kim said...

Your birthday is for you, and your anniversary is for both of you to share together.

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