Keeping it in the Family

Back in July, after a full day of dress shopping, my mom and I were in a full-blown wedding dress state of mind (which, btw, is way better than a New York state of mind).

As soon as we got home, my mom pulled out her gown from the depths of her closet. "I don't think this box has been opened since the day it was put in here," she said.

(Note to self: keeping my dress after the wedding is probably pointless.)

After pulling the dress from the box and admiring it for a bit, we just couldn't resist having me try it on. What's one more wedding dress in the grand scheme of the day?

Let's just say it was a hilarious sight to see. My mom must have been a size negative 4 in 1980, because the dress barely even fit my arms. It was tight in all the wrong ways and there was no chance in a million years (or 60 pounds) that we could have gotten it zipped up.

Sorry mom. It looks like your dress seeing a wedding day encore is out of the question.

(And yes... that is a bridal hat. (More like a bridal brim because it was open on top. Ohhh, 1980.))

Good times were had by all, and the dress went back into it's box.

... But not before my mom made a suggestion.

"Maybe this is dumb... but you could use the material for something if you'd like."

Ahh, mothers. Somehow they always know the right thing to say. Because I had the exact same thing in mind. I was eying the dotted lace on her skirt, and had some definite ideas of what it could be used for.

I could use it as a wrap for my bouquet...

Or we could use it to make the ring pillow...


My mom loved the idea, and it was settled.

(Note to self: keeping my dress after the wedding may not be as pointless as I thought.)


Lourdes said...

awww....that would have been an awesome revamped dress! your other ideas for it seem pretty good though!

Mich said...

Hahaha--I tried on my mom's dress and it fit me the same way! She was also a negative zero. I loove the dotted lace, it would look amazing wrapped around your bouquet handle or as the trim on a bridal hankie(for a little "something old" action).

Diana Lee said...

Too funny! If you take the material you need off the train and leave the dress mostly intact, you and your mom could also consider donating it to a community theatre. I could see that dress being altered into a lovely period costume.

Aunt Kim said...

Kelly, Don't give away your mom's dress; hold on to it. I have my mother's....she died last January. Now her grandchildren (and great..) can see and use a part of it if they like; although I never did.

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