Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!

Christmas is fast approaching. And while I'm seriously struggling with what to get family and friends, I've had my Christmas list ready for months.

Mainly because it's mostly wedding-related stuff.

It may seem weird... but I figured that asking for things we can use on our wedding day is sort of like killing two birds with one stone (man... that saying is seriously terrible). The giver can get me something I need, we can get something checked our list, and everyone's happy!

Here is a glimpse into the stuff I asked for...

Hair Combs, $36 - I'm not yet sure how I'll be doing my hair for the wedding. But one thing I do know is that I love these beautiful hair combs. I'm not big on headbands, so I think these would be the perfect addition to my [probably] awesome up-do and cathedral length veil.


Personalized Cake Topper, $55 - It's unlikely anyone got this for me because it needs to be personalized with our outfits. At this point, we still don't know what Ryan will be wearing, or how I'll be doing my hair. But if they did, they'd see one excited bride come Christmas morning.

Return Address Stamp, $14.50 - This would be perfect for addressing our invitations. I was originally eyeing some more expensive custom stamps, but I realized it was frivolous to pay $50+ for a stamp that we probably wouldn't be able to use in a year (due to a change in address).

Toasting Flutes, $80 - I love the idea of having our own toasting flutes at our wedding. It will be just one more thing that we can bring out on special occasions and anniversaries that will remind us of our special day. I am weird and I don't like the flutes that are super "V" shaped, so these are perfect (and Ryan approved).

Personalized Hanger, $25 - I believe when I sent this Christmas list to my Mom, I said something like, "Don't judge me. I'm well aware of how frivolous this is." But it's just so darn cute! I would get one that said "Kelly (heart) Ryan". Awwww!

Sapphire Pendant Necklace, $32 - My taste in jewelry is relatively simple. I chose a sapphire necklace so it would go with our Navy Blue/Pink wedding colors. Also, it could double as my "something blue". While there are extremely expensive versions of this necklace out there, I figured a less-expensive knock-off would work just as well.

It's really a stretch that I'll get any of these gifts for Christmas, but it's still fun to imagine!

Is anyone else using Christmas as a chance to score some awesome wedding loot?


Elaine said...

Wow that sapphire necklace is gorgeous.

The stamp is a great deal too! I ended up ordering an address stamp from vistaprint because I didn't find affordable options on etsy. On vistaprint, you can upload your own design, which is nice.

Leana said...

I love those hangers too!! And that is a beautiful necklace as well!

Miss Cuddlefish said...

I have the personalized hanger on my Christmas list too!!!!! I hope I get it and cannot wait to hang my dress on it on August 13, 2011!!!! :)

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