Fold, Seal, Address, Repeat

We've been getting a lot of packages recently.

I think this is the first year ever that I've bought all my Christmas gifts online. So day after day, the friendly neighborhood postman stops by and drops off another box.

But when he showed up with this box, I knew it wasn't something I had bought...

It was something I had won!

In November, I entered one of Weddingbee's many contests. A little while later, I received an email that said I had won 100 free holiday cards from Minted.


After the initial disappointment that we couldn't use the $350 credit toward wedding invitations, Ryan and I were excited to create some custom (and extremely costly) Christmas cards.

The entire suite includes a card, envelope, envelope liner, and wrap-around label.

So if you're considering using Minted for your holiday cards (or wedding invitations), here are my thoughts...
  • Pro: The cards are extremely high quality and very thick. Our photos look great.
  • Con: I am finding it extremely difficult to squeeze the cards into the envelopes. It's a tight fit! I'm not sure if this is typical or not.
  • Pro: Minted has professional designers who personally look at your card and make adjustments as needed. They email you a proof for approval before any printing takes place.
  • Con: The envelope liners don't come with any adhesive. I had to hand-glue every single one (and got so annoyed that I almost gave up completely)...

It would be nice if they came with little self-adhesive strips or something. That would have saved me a lot of time!

But I can't really complain. After all, they're free! Free... and adorable.

By the time Ryan got home from work on Friday, I had already completed about half of the cards (we're sending them to everyone on our wedding guest list).

I think he approved. (And was glad he didn't have to do any of it.)

Thanks, Weddingbee!


Lane said...

Those are so cute! I love getting packages UPS has been at my house everyday this week!

Leana said...

Awesome win! Those look great!

Elaine said...

Fun! Those look great. I'm starting to work on our holiday cards now too.

jacin said...

just found your blog, it's adorable! feel free to stop by mine and say hello :)

she said yes!

Danielle said...

What a great win! They look fabulous!

Diana Lee said...

So cute, and I love that you included photos of the dog.

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