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Welcome to my newest followers, Jacin and Kat. I love new readers!

Tonight we begin the saga of the OOT Bag. Back when we first got engaged, and I was beginning to compile my massive Excel budget, my mom said to me, "one thing I would really like to do is make little 'welcome bags' for all the out-of-town guests."

I laughed and told her that once again (and despite her lack of wedding blog knowledge), we are on the same page.

She told me it wasn't a matter of budget... she was going to do them no matter what.

Well, budget or no budget... I'm not the type of girl to pass up on a good bargain hunt. So hunt I did!

Dunwoody Booth: 8"x10", Twisted Paper Handle, Silver, $.50 each

Cheap Tote Bags: 14"x15", Heavy Duty Canvas, Natural Color, $1.99 each

Paper Mart: 8"x10", Twisted Paper Handle, Striped Flat Color Tint, Navy Blue, $.38 each

Cheap Totes: 14"x16", Canvas, Natural Color, $.99 each

Cheap Totes: 12"x15", Gusett Non-Woven, $.79 each

The Knot: 8"x10", Twisted Paper Handle, $.95 each


I know it's kind of like OOT bag overload (if you even made it this far!)... but if you're like me, it's nice to have a side-by-side comparison before making a decision.

Of course the final call will be left up to my mother... but it looks like the Paper Mart bags are the clear frontrunner when it comes to price.

Will you be making OOT bags for your guests? If so... what are you going to include in them?

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jacin said...

i went to the local orchard and asked them for bags from there, and they sold them to us for .5 each!! also try the local hardware store!

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