Dressing the Flower Girls

Our flower girls are adorable.

My 5-year-old Cousin

Ryan's 4-year-old Niece

These two cuties need adorable outfits to match.

Back in October, Ryan and I attended his cousin's wedding, where Ryan's niece was also a flower girl. She wore a 4-tiered white dress with a teal sash.

Ryan and I decided it's ridiculous for us to ask them to buy another flower girl dress for our wedding, just 8 months later. Why can't she just re-use that one?

Even more perfect is that her dress was taken in for the October wedding. By the time our June wedding rolls around, we can have it taken out again, and it should fit pretty well.

So we will probably have my cousin buy the same (or a similar) dress, and pair them with navy blue sashes so the girls match.

When I was in Philadelphia for Thanksgiving, Ryan's mom really had her mind set on buying the girls something to wear in their hair. At the wedding in October, Ryan's family was really unsure how they should do his niece's hair. Since his niece and my cousin have very different length hair, I was thinking a headband might work well for both of them.

So we ended up with these...

They were like $3.00 each at Claire's. What a deal!

They each feature a fake white flower with a few scattered rhinestones.

I will now model one for your amusement and mocking...

Yeah... it looks a little stupid on me. But it looked super cute when we tried it on Ryan's niece in the store. And it will be the perfect thing to keep her hair back out of her face.

I haven't yet asked my cousin to be a flower girl. We will definitely do that when we see her at Christmas. As for Ryan's niece... she came up to me at the end of the last wedding and asked, "Can I be a flower girl at your wedding too?"



Anonymous said...

I love those head bands! I got a bunch of them for my daughter at Family Dollar. You look great in it! ^_^

Mich said...

Great deal on the headbands! It looks very "Kate Middleton" on you. :)

Alesia said...

Maya will be VERY excited about being your flower girl. I can't wait for her reaction at Christmas. She'll look great in the headband as well...if she will keep it on her head!

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