Taking a Sick Day

I'm currently home sick.

Not that I had any big plans for the day... but I missed church and our weekly grocery shopping trip. I haven't stepped foot outside our house all day.

I've got a sore throat and a general "sickly blah" feeling. I guess you could call it a cold with a side of no talking.

Unfortunately, this isn't unusual for me. I get this exact illness 3-4 times per year! Ugh.

So when I sat down to write this post, I began to think of the ways in which my illness relates to weddings.

And then it hit me. DUH. Because no one wants to be sick on their wedding day. I actually have no idea what I would do!

Ryan told me that his father was sick on his wedding day. If I recall the story correctly, I think it was something he ate the day before. Come the day of the wedding, he was throwing up and generally felt like crap. He barely made it through the ceremony and the reception.

OMG. Knowing my luck, that is totally something that would happen to me.

If I get sick on our wedding day, can we have a "do over"?


All the hard work and money put into that one day... and you forever remember it as a day you were miserable and ill.

Maybe the overall excitement of the day would ward off too many bad feelings. Perhaps the adrenaline would get you through to the end. But if the wedding was today... I'm not sure I would even have the voice to say my vows!

So stay healthy, fellow brides! (And be careful what you serve at your rehearsal dinner!)

I'll just take the fact that I'm sick today to mean one less chance I'll be sick come June 25th.

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Mich said...

Feel better! And I am with you--let's hope that all sick days are gone before our weddings! Here's to rest and vitamin C!

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