Our Third Registry

We registered in person at both Crate and Barrel and Macy's. But I'm a greedy bride who wants more!

Just kidding.

In reality, Crate and Barrel and Macy's are lovely... but they just don't have the wide selection of items that I was hoping for.

A wedding registry is supposed to be comprised of items that will help you and your significant other create a "home". Well let me say right now that bakeware, bath towels, china, and kitchen appliances does not a home make.

And that's why we have our Amazon registry.

It's wonderful because a) Amazon has a ton of stuff (duh). And b) because you can add anything to it.

You heard me. ANY-THING.

A camping tent from Target? Registered.
A cookbook from Williams-Sonoma? Registered.
A fancy vase from Anthropologie? Registered.

You can add anything your heart desires.

So on with the show! I present you with a selection from our alternative registry...

Backpack Picnic Set - Picnic baskets are pretty impractical. They're bulky and heavy to carry. When I found this backpack picnic set, I knew it was perfect because we can bring it with us on bike rides.

Paisley Apron - I think this adorable apron will make me a better cook.


Garmin GPS - I get lost always. I think I'm a good navigator, and then BAM!... we're lost. I swear, I can't even get to my parents house after 7 years of making the treck. So in a nutshell, this GPS is a necessity.


Bocce Ball Set - We don't have a yard... but we will some day.

Dining Chairs - We have a dining table that expands to fit 8 people, but we only have 4 chairs. Poker night is back-breaking because there are always some poor soles that have to sit on wooden stools the whole night. Ouch!


Bananagrams - Who doesn't love this game?! We do!


Shower Radio - I had one in High School, but it was never loud enough to hear over the running water. I'll dance in the shower whether I have a radio or not... so it's best I stop looking like an idiot.


Bike Rack - I bought mine for $15 on Craigslist, and I have to use a bungee cord to hold my bike on. I'm petrified it's going to fall off one of these days on my way to a race!


I do realize that this Universal Registry idea is still relatively new, and most of our guests won't understand it. But it's a fun way to add the things you really want. We're guessing that the younger crowd will probably catch on more quickly.


Lane said...

I love that anthropologie apron! I have wanted it for so long

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling universal registries are only going to get more popular! They're so useful. :)

Also, I didn't even think to put Anthro gifts on my universal registry. D'oh.

Andrew said...
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Nicolette said...

We opted for a universal registry after finding "holes" in our traditional registries. So we merged everything and it's all in one place. I agree - it's so easy to add one thing from a store. (We used giftregistry360.com)

CeCe said...

I have that backpack picnic set!! I took my FI on a picnic using it back when we first started dating. I love it so much and I use it a lot. It's my second favorite picnic basket that I own (I have four).

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