Tasting Cake and Loving It

After tasting and deciding on our entrees, we were at the part I was most looking forward to... cake!

The Patrick Haley Mansion had this lovely cake set out to show us a sample of their work...

We were served 2 of each of the following...

Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

Yellow cake with strawberry filling and buttercream frosting

Marble cake with chocolate filling and buttercream frosting

Everyone passed me the marble cake first, because they know how much I love chocolate. I've been dreaming of a chocolate wedding cake since day one.

So I tasted it.

It was thick and chocolately (but not too much). The frosting was delicious. Overall, it was very good cake.

Next, I tried the red velvet cake. I had never had red velvet before, and I always thought it looked really gross, but I was surprised at how tasty it was. It wasn't my top pick, but I finished off the piece anyway (because it's sinful to waste perfectly good cake!).

After that, they passed me the strawberry cake. I took a bite, and it was to die for. Absolute perfection. I ate the whole piece... followed by most of Ryan's piece.

Gimme your cake!


Everyone was making fun of how much cake I had eaten. I went into a total sugar high (but crashed in the car on the way home).

After the cake, there was still more!

They had a chocolate fountain set up which a bunch of dipping items. Even though we already knew we wouldn't be having a chocolate fountain at our wedding, we tasted it anyway (you know... just so I could write this lovely review).

We came to the general consensus that the dipping items were good, but the chocolate was a little too sweet for our tastes. It may have been milk chocolate, and I'm more of a semi-sweet kinda gal.

After that, we tasted the sweets table. I had a chocolate tuxedo strawberry, which was very good. Sorry I don't have a photo... I ate it too fast. But it looked something like this...


After all the cake drama, we decided to just let our reception venue make our cake. It was delicious, and the best price around ($3 per person for buttercream, $4 for fondant). You can't beat that!

So we'll be going with the yellow cake with strawberry filling.

Mmm... just looking at the photo makes me drool!

Hopefully we'll have some leftovers on our wedding day... because I'm the bride, and I can eat 4 pieces of cake if I want to!


Leana said...

All those cakes look delicious! Sounds like a great choice to go with the venue's cakes if they taste so good and are such a good deal. Strange that the other bakery wouldn't commit to a price until 3 months out?

Anonymous said...

Forget the food, we will just eat CAKE!


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